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The Real Vocal Book – Volume I~ Album Vocal (Voz Alta)

The Real Vocal Book has many of the selections from volumes 1 and 2 of the instrumental Real Books, but now with the lyrics added to the pre-existing melody line.


The Ultimate Rock Pop Fake Book~ Songbook Variado (Instrumentos en Do)

The Ultimate Rock Pop Fake Book contains nearly 550 pop and rock hits, arranged for C instruments.


The Easy Classical Fake Book~ Álbum Instrumental (Instrumentos en Do, Todos Instrumentos)

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  • MedioPartituras
  • SeriesFake Book
  • MarcaHal Leonard

Over 125 classical melodies in Melody, Lyrics & Simplified Chord arrangements in the Key of C.

Real Soul Book Fake Book~ Songbook Variado

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  • MedioPartituras
  • SeriesFake Book
  • MarcaFaber Music

This is a collection of about 70 of the most loved & well known soul music hits - from the 1950's onwards.

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