Rae Macintosh Musicroom
41 Shandwick Place
Tel: 0131 221 0041
Fax: 0131 225 9447
Email: edinburgh@musicroom.com
Opening Hours
Monday to Wednesday & Friday - 9.30am to 6pm
Thursday - 9.30am to 7pm
Saturday - 9.30am to 6.00pm
Sunday - 11am to 5pm
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Rae Lamond


MA (Hons) English PGCE (Secondary English) 10 years music retail experience.

Expertise: Musical Theatre and CD Specialist. Rae plays double bass and sings.

Rae has an eclectic music taste, having grown up with Jazz, discovered pop in her teens and found her niche in Musical Theatre. Recently the extraordinary voices of Sandy Denny and Eliza Carthy have enticed her into the world of folk.

When not in the shop Rae can be found on various stages singing mainly Gilbert & Sullivan. Her stage scream is so startling that upon opening her mouth she once caused 3 people to faint and a doctor to be called.

Russell Watkins

Sales Assistant

Has worked at Rae Mac's since 1991.

Expertise: Sheet Music and Guitar Specialist. Russell plays guitar, bass and drums.

Russell knows a great musician when he hears one and swears his allegiance to Sinatra, Bowie and Queen. He will turn his hand to whatever instrument needs his attention and is an integral part of the music making in his Church.

Apart from music, Russell's favourite things are food, Doctor Who, food and puns. And did I mention food? If there are biscuits, Russell will find them! He has also recently discovered the internet. Google is his friend.

Angela Cassells

Sales Assistant

BA Communication Studies. 14 years of Music Retail Experience

Expertise: Encyclopaedic knowledge of Rock & Pop Music.

Angela would describe herself as a goth, but in reality she is far too cheery for this label. She does, however have a weakness for black, guitars and things with skulls on them. If we sold black guitars with skulls painted on them they would never make it near any customers.

Ang has thrown herself into life at Rae Mac’s, taking a basic music theory course in her spare time. She knows what it’s like to start a musical education from scratch and can guide you towards the best beginners books and instruments.

Chris McKeown

Part Time Sales Assistant

MA Geography. Has worked in music shops since he was 18.

Expertise: Guitars, Drums & Music Technology

Chris has been playing the guitar in bands since he was 16 and came down to Edinburgh from Aberdeen a couple of years ago to find his fortune in the big city. He quickly realised that Accountancy was not the rock and roll lifestyle he was looking for and decided to follow his heart instead. While waiting for the The Rolling Stones to invite him to join them on their next tour he can be found running open mic events around town and gigging most nights.

Chris has brought his musical passion to Rae Mac’s, helping us to expand our range of instruments and running occasional Guitar Workshops in the shop.