When I Fall In Love [Heyman, Edward] [Young, Victor]

When I Fall In Love [Heyman, Edward] [Young, Victor]

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Great Piano Solos - The Black Book~ Instrumentalt album (Klaver solo)
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Indeholder 45 klaversolostykker. Denne indholdsrige samling tilbyder et fantastisk udvalg, til den let øvede pianist. Indeholder 'Adagio for strygere' (Barber), 'I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free' and 'Raiders March'.


Heidi Pegler/Pam Wedgwood: It's Never Too Late To Sing~ Backing tracks (Stemme)

Have you always wanted to be able to sing? Then this book is for you – because it's never too late! This all-in-one tutor book covers approximately two years of singing lessons, and includes essential music theory and technical skills for beginners.


It's Never Too Late to Sing (Piano Accompaniments)~ Instrumentskole (Klaverakkompagnement)

It’s Never Too Late to Sing Piano Accompaniments contains the piano accompaniments to all the songs and exercises in It’s Never Too Late To Sing, the teach-yourself tutor with interactive CDs.

Wedding Guitar Solos~ Instrumentalt album (Guitar tab, Guitar)

This pack features 10 wedding favourites beautifully arranged for solo Guitar with tab and standard notation. Includes a reference CD to help couples choose the perfect songs for their wedding ceremony or reception.

1-8 af 8 resultater
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