Chester's Easiest Piano

Chester's Easiest Piano

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Chester's Easiest Piano Course - Book 1 (Special Edition)~ Instrumentskole (Klaver solo)

Chester's Easiest Piano Course books have captured the imagination of young children everywhere! This Special edition incorporates sight-reading and warm-up exercises.

Chester's Piano Duets Volume 1~ Instrumentalt album (Klaverduet)

A collection of Easy duets, composed and arranged by Carol Barratt, with both parts carefully arranged to be of equal difficulty.

Chester's Easiest Piano Warm-Ups~ Instrumentskole (Klaver solo)

This book provides 60 technical exercises that will help to develop strong hands and flexible fingers whilst having fun.

Chester's Piano Duets Volume 2~ Instrumentalt album (Klaverduet)

Easy duets, carefully arranged so that both parts are of equal difficulty. Suitable for pianists of pre-Grade One to Grade Two standard.

Chester’s Green Book~ Teori

Carol Barratt. Written specially for young musicians, this handy-sized reference book makes theory fun to learn! Contains all the musical terms, signs and information needed for Associated Board Grades 1 & 2, with illustrations.

Carol Barratt: Chester's Easiest Piano Course - Book 3 (Special Edition)~ Instrumentskole (Klaver solo)

This special edition incorporates sight-reading and warm-up exercises to enable the pupil to get to grips with these important skills along the way.

Chester's Music Practice Book~ Instrumentskole (Klaver solo)

Make music practise fun with this useful notebook! Each page is clearly set out with spaces for the teacher's notes of exercises, scales, pieces and other work.

Chester's Easiest Dinosaur Tunes~ Instrumentalt album (Klaver solo)
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Explore the fascinating world of the dinosaurs with this collection of 12 imaginative new pieces by Carol Barratt.

Chester’s Easiest Sight-Reading Course~ Instrumentskole (Klaver solo)

Carol Barratt. Now available in one volume - the full sight-reading course for use from the first lessons up to Grade 1.

Chester's Easiest First Solos~ Instrumentalt album (Klaver solo)

Fourteen very easy piano solos, perfect for performance in beginner recitals and music festivals and great fun to play.

1-20 af 24 resultater
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