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Pauline Hall: Piano Time 1 (2004 Edition)~ Instrumentskole (Klaver solo)

Med et godt udvalg af flotte stykker alle genrer, og en gradvis udvikling, for at passe til alle pianister, er dette en fortrinlig undervisningsbog til alle unge pianister.

Tunes For Ten Fingers: A First Piano Book~ Instrumentskole (Klaver solo)

En seriøs klaverundervisningsbog, der lægger op til, at indlære i dit eget tempo, i stedet for at love skyndsomme, øjeblikkelige resultater.

Pauline Hall: Piano Time 2 (2004 Edition)~ Instrumentskole (Klaver solo)

Piano Time 2 builds on the techniques acquired in Piano Time 1, extending the range of notes and time signatures and including tones and semitones, chords and triads, arpeggios, major and minor scales, and keep-fit exercises for the left hand and more!

More Tunes For Ten Fingers: A Second Piano Book~ Instrumentskole (Klaver solo)

A steady, unhurried piano tutor, which encourages security at every step.

John Rutter: The Colours of Christmas (SA)~ Korpartitur (Kor, Klaverakkompagnement, SSA)

With a simple, appealing melody and a flowing accompaniment, The Colours of Christmas evokes a touching sense of longing for the joys of the festive season.

John Rutter: Carol Of The Children~ Korpartitur (Kor, Klaverakkompagnement, Unisone stemmer)
Redaktørens udvalgte

With words and music by John Rutter, this gentle and moving carol features simple melodic lines and a delightful, nursery-style christmas text.

100 Carols For Choirs~ Korpartitur (Kor, SATB, Klaverakkompagnement, Orgelledsagelse)

100 Carols For Choirs is a superb collection of Carols, as edited by David Willcocks and John Rutter.

John Rutter: Christmas Lullaby (SSA)~ Korpartitur (Kor, Klaverakkompagnement, Orgelledsagelse, SSA)

A slow and dreamlike lullaby for Christmas time, with words and music by John Rutter.


Pauline Hall: Piano Time Classics~ Instrumentalt album (Klaver solo)

Pauline Hall has produced Piano Time Classics, for pianists to enjoy playing the pieces they recognise.

John Rutter: The Lord Bless You And Keep You (SA)~ Korpartitur (Kor, Klaverakkompagnement, 2-stemmigt kor)

A slow, gentle and solemn meditation anthem by John Rutter, arranged for the upper voices and suitable for younger choral groups.

Kathy Blackwell/David Blackwell: Fiddle Time Joggers - Book/CD (Revised Edition)~ Instrumentskole (Violin)

Fiddle Time Joggers is a first book of very easy pieces for Violin. Packed with lively original tunes, well-known pieces, and easy duets, the Fiddle Time series is carefully paced and organized to build confidence every step of the way.

John Rutter: Angels' Carol (SS or SA)~ Korpartitur (Kor, Klaverakkompagnement, SSA, Harpe)

A joyful carol of celebration with the refrain Gloria In Excelsis. Arranged for SS (or SA) with either harp or piano accompaniment.

John Rutter: For The Beauty Of The Earth (2-Part)~ Korpartitur (Kor, Klaverakkompagnement, 2-stemmigt kor)

Written by John Rutter, with text by F.S. Pierpoint, this is a joyful and celebratory choral song, arranged for upper voices with Piano accompaniment.

John Rutter: Christmas Lullaby (SATB)~ Korpartitur (Kor, SATB, Orgelledsagelse)

Christmas Lullaby is an excellent carol composed for SATB and Organ accompaniment by the ever impressive John Rutter.

John Rutter: Look At The World~ Korpartitur (Kor, SATB, Keyboard, Unisone stemmer)

This is an easy anthem for harvest or generaal use for Children's Choir (Unison) and/or SATB with Keyboard Accompaniment.

John Rutter: Suite Antique For Flute And Piano~ Instrumentalværk (Klaverakkompagnement, Fløjte)

Originally scored for solo flute, harpsichord and strings.

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1-20 af 1639 resultater
Side 1 af 82