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Louis Armstrong: The Louis Armstrong Box~ Indspillet opførelse

  • Tilgængelighed På lager. Afsendes indenfor 24 timer
  • MedieCD, DVD (Region 0)
  • MærkeStoryville Records

This box makes Louis Armstrong's All Stars period come alive again with a variety of tracks spanning the years 1947 to 1967.

Kenny Drew Trio: At The Brewhouse~ Indspillet opførelse

At The Brewhouse was recorded live at a club concert in England in July 1992. According to Kenny Drew’s bassist of almost 30 years, the world-famous Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, “it was the last time I played with Kenny when he was really at the top of his form.”

NHØP/Mulgrew Miller: The Duo - Live!~ Indspillet opførelse

Exclusive to Storyville Records, a previously unreleased live concert with jazz stars Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (Bass) and Mulgrew Miller (Piano) is now finally available for everyone to enjoy.

Christina Dahl Quartet: Childish~ Indspillet opførelse

Enjoy Scandinavian jazz with soul, depth and intensity. Christina Dahl is one of Denmark’s most respected saxophonists and she has a personal and lyrical sound.

Svend Asmussen: Embraceable~ Indspillet opførelse

Embraceable’ was recorded in Paris in 1985 and 30 years later Asmussen found the recording in his home. It is now released on the occasion of his 99th birthday on the 28th of February 2015.

Jesper Lundgaard Trio: 2016~ Indspillet opførelse

One of Denmark's most prominent bassists, Jesper Lundgaard formed his own jazz trio in 2004 along with Hans Ulrik (Tenor Sax) and Niclas Knudsen (Guitar). The trio describes their music as a playground where they try out new compositions and pay homage to great icons in the history of Jazz.

Carsten Dahl Experience: Caleidoscopia~ Indspillet opførelse

Caleidoscopia is the Carsten Dahl Experience's fourth album since their formation in 2007. It all began when renowned Danish jazz pianist Carsten Dahl decided to gather some of his favorite musicians from the Danish jazz stage for a line-up in what he called a “spiritual and musical vision pointing in a lyrical direction and towards abstract music”.

Kenny Washington: Moanin - Live At Montmartre~ Indspillet opførelse

This live recording was taken at the legendary Jazzhus Montmartre in the heart of Copenhagen. This time with Kenny Washington on Vocals and a trio of Jacob Christoffersen on Piano, Jesper Bodilsen on Bass and Zoltan Csorsz on Drums.

Tomas Franck Quartet: Association - Live At Montmartre~ Indspillet opførelse

This live recording is from an intense July evening during the 2015 Copenhagen Jazz Festival where the Tomas Franck Quartet totally brought the house down.

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