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The Incomparable Fiddler: Svend Asmussen 100 Years (DVD/5 CDs)~ Indspillet opførelse

  • Tilgængelighed På lager. Afsendes indenfor 24 timer
  • MedieCD, DVD (Region 0)
  • MærkeStoryville Records

Svend Asmussen celebrates his 100th birthday on February 28, 2016. Storyville Records celebrates the Danish Jazz legend's centenary with a 5 CD and 1 DVD box set which explores his musical production through the years.

Duke Ellington: New York New York~ Indspillet opførelse

New CD from Storyville "New York, New York" – with 19 new titles by the undisputed master of jazz, Duke Ellington. High class studio recordings, musically and technically as good as anything issued during his life time.

Masters Of Jazz: Johnny Hodges~ Indspillet opførelse

This collection captures Hodges in several settings - with the Duke Ellington Orchestra and with small groups featuring various musicians including John Coltrane, Ben Webster, Paul Gonsalves, Russell Procope and Harry Carney.

Duke Ellington: The Duke In Munich~ Indspillet opførelse

This previously unissued Duke Ellington Orchestra CD contains 24 numbers (66 minutes, including two 9-minute suites), recorded live in Munich, Germany, in 1958.
The band consists of practically the same musicians who play much of the same music as performed on Ellington's famous come-back concert/album, Newport, 1956.

Duke Ellington: The Duke In Washington~ Indspillet opførelse

Duke Ellington was one American patriot who truly and gladly symbolized American culture at its finest. Here, in celebration of his 100th birthday, is a collection of tare and exciting live sessions on his home turf around Washington D.C.

NHØP/Mulgrew Miller: The Duo - Live!~ Indspillet opførelse

Exclusive to Storyville Records, a previously unreleased live concert with jazz stars Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (Bass) and Mulgrew Miller (Piano) is now finally available for everyone to enjoy.


Svend Asmussen: Embraceable~ Indspillet opførelse

Embraceable’ was recorded in Paris in 1985 and 30 years later Asmussen found the recording in his home. It is now released on the occasion of his 99th birthday on the 28th of February 2015.

Jesper Lundgaard Trio: 2016~ Indspillet opførelse

One of Denmark's most prominent bassists, Jesper Lundgaard formed his own jazz trio in 2004 along with Hans Ulrik (Tenor Sax) and Niclas Knudsen (Guitar). The trio describes their music as a playground where they try out new compositions and pay homage to great icons in the history of Jazz.

Carsten Dahl Experience: Caleidoscopia~ Indspillet opførelse

Caleidoscopia is the Carsten Dahl Experience's fourth album since their formation in 2007. It all began when renowned Danish jazz pianist Carsten Dahl decided to gather some of his favorite musicians from the Danish jazz stage for a line-up in what he called a “spiritual and musical vision pointing in a lyrical direction and towards abstract music”.

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1-20 af 380 resultater
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