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John Rutter: The Lord Bless You And Keep You (SA)~ Korpartitur (Kor, Klaverakkompagnement, 2-stemmigt kor)

A slow, gentle and solemn meditation anthem by John Rutter, arranged for the upper voices and suitable for younger choral groups.

John Rutter: Carol Of The Children~ Korpartitur (Kor, Klaverakkompagnement, Unisone stemmer)
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With words and music by John Rutter, this gentle and moving carol features simple melodic lines and a delightful, nursery-style christmas text.

John Rutter: Christmas Lullaby (SSA)~ Korpartitur (Kor, Klaverakkompagnement, Orgelledsagelse, SSA)

A slow and dreamlike lullaby for Christmas time, with words and music by John Rutter.

John Rutter: The Colours of Christmas (SA)~ Korpartitur (Kor, Klaverakkompagnement, SSA)

With a simple, appealing melody and a flowing accompaniment, The Colours of Christmas evokes a touching sense of longing for the joys of the festive season.

100 Carols For Choirs~ Korpartitur (Kor, SATB, Klaverakkompagnement, Orgelledsagelse)

100 Carols For Choirs is a superb collection of Carols, as edited by David Willcocks and John Rutter.

John Rutter: For The Beauty Of The Earth (2-Part)~ Korpartitur (Kor, Klaverakkompagnement, 2-stemmigt kor)

Written by John Rutter, with text by F.S. Pierpoint, this is a joyful and celebratory choral song, arranged for upper voices with Piano accompaniment.

John Rutter: Angels' Carol (SS or SA)~ Korpartitur (Kor, Klaverakkompagnement, SSA, Harpe)

A joyful carol of celebration with the refrain Gloria In Excelsis. Arranged for SS (or SA) with either harp or piano accompaniment.

John Rutter: Look At The World~ Korpartitur (Kor, SATB, Keyboard, Unisone stemmer)

This is an easy anthem for harvest or generaal use for Children's Choir (Unison) and/or SATB with Keyboard Accompaniment.

John Rutter: Suite Antique For Flute And Piano~ Instrumentalværk (Klaverakkompagnement, Fløjte)

Originally scored for solo flute, harpsichord and strings.

John Rutter: Carols~ Korpartitur (Kor, SATB, Klaverakkompagnement)

10 Carols from the quintessential Christmas concert or service repertoire of John Rutter. All set for SATB and Piano accompaniment.

John Rutter: Christ Is The Morning Star~ Korpartitur (Kor, SATB, Orgelledsagelse)

John Rutter's Christ Is The Morning Star for SATB Choir and Organ.

John Rutter: All Bells In Paradise~ Korpartitur (Kor, SATB, Orgelledsagelse)

This gentle yet uplifting carol was commissioned for the Choir of King's College, Cambridge, and was first performed during the 2012 Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols.

John Rutter: All Things Bright And Beautiful (Unison)~ Korpartitur (Kor, Klaverakkompagnement, Unisone stemmer)

The beautiful melody, popular words and flowing accompaniment combine here to memorable effect. Essential repertoire for any upper-voice choir.

John Rutter: The Lord Bless You And Keep You (SATB)~ Korpartitur (Kor, SATB, Orgelledsagelse)

A solemn and devout anthem by John Rutter for SATB Choir and Organ with text from Numbers 6:24.

John Rutter: Candlelight Carol (SSAA)~ Korpartitur (Kor, Orgelledsagelse, SSAA)

A Candlelight Carol from the ever impressive works by John Rutter, is the Silent Night for the 20th century.

John Rutter: A Gaelic Blessing (SATB)~ Korpartitur (Kor, SATB, Orgelledsagelse)

A four-part arrangement of this of popular anthem.

John Rutter: For The Beauty Of The Earth (SATB)~ Korpartitur (Kor, SATB, Klaverakkompagnement)

For The Beauty Of The Earth is a joyous hymn of celebration, written for SATB and Piano by John Rutter. The song is based on a text by F.S. Pierpoint.

John Rutter: Christmas Lullaby (SATB)~ Korpartitur (Kor, SATB, Orgelledsagelse)

Christmas Lullaby is an excellent carol composed for SATB and Organ accompaniment by the ever impressive John Rutter.

John Rutter: I Wish You Christmas~ Korpartitur (Kor, SATB, Klaverakkompagnement)

The melody weaves between different voices and scorings, while the Piano part complements the vocal lines with rich, luscious harmonies.

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