March Crossword Competition

The prize we have on offer this month is The Easy Piano Collection: Best Of Gold.

Winners will be chosen from a draw of all correct solutions received by 01 April 2013. Winners will be notified by e-mail.

You need Java enabled to view the crossword applet. Get the latest Java Plug-in here or try the printable version.

Printable Version

Congratulations to last month's winners, who each go away with a copy of Jim Morrison: The Lords. The New Creatures - His Original Published Poetry (Updated Edition):

Thorsten Johanntoberens
Eddie Bundred

How To Play
Click on the grid to highlight, in blue, the corresponding clue (to toggle between Across and Down, just left or right-click). Alternatively, click on a clue to highlight its position on the grid (use the slider arrows to the right of the clues to move up/down the list).

The active grid square ready to be typed in is coloured silver. To edit, either overwrite or use delete/space key. The Check button will delete any incorrect letters entered into the grid.

Solving Offline
If you want, you can solve puzzles offline interactively by selecting the 'work offline' option on your browser. Then disconnect from the net but keep this window open. You can continue filling in the grid but note that once the browser window is closed all letters entered in the grid will be lost. (In some cases you can use your browser's 'history' facility to reload the page and reconstruct your entries.)
To enter for the prize, keep this window open with the grid completed, go back online and choose the 'Submit' option.

If your browser does not support offline working (or if you prefer to use old-fashioned pencil and paper) then you can try the Printable version.
Once you're done and you want to enter for the prize, go back online, fill in the online grid and choose the 'Submit' button.