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W.R. Higgs, Clint Wainwright III, Loudon
Wachs, Paul Wainwright, Rufus
Wächter, Edmund Wainwright, Sheila
Wackernagel, Bettina Waites, Ernie
Waddell, Robert G. Waits, Tom
Waddington, S.P. Waitze, Oliver
Wade, Dr. Mark Alan Wakefield, Dawn
Wade, John Francis Walden, Narada Michael
Wade, Mark Alan Waldron, Jason
Wade, Richard Waldteufel, Emile
Wadely, Frederick W. Walford Davies, H.
Wadsworth, Zachary Walford Davies, Henry
Wagenhauser, Wolfgang Walker, Ernest
Wagenheim, Gaby Walker, Francis G.
Wagenmakers, Sytse Walker, Geoffrey
Wagenseil, Georg Christoph Walker, Graham
Wager, Willis Walker, Granville
Wagner Walker, James
Wagner, Douglas E. Walker, Jerry Jeff
Wagner, Joseph Frederick Walker, John
Wagner, Leonard Walker, Michael Patrick
Wagner, Peter Walker, Raymond
Wagner, R. Walker, Richard L. Jr
Wagner, Richard Walker, Robert
Wagner-Régeny, Rudolf Walker, Rod
Wagoner, Chris Walker, Sarah
Wahl J. Walker, Sarah (Singer)
Wahn, George Walker, Timothy
Waignein, André Walker, Tricia
Wailers, The Walker-Tipps, Deanna

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