Win your own DUBE courtesy of Dion Dublin & Musicroom!

Musicroom have teamed up with footballer-turned-musical-entrepreneur Dion Dublin to launch an exciting and creative new competition.

We’re offering participants the chance to win a 12” DUBE (RRP £260.00)!

But what is a DUBE and why should you want one?

Used and loved by the likes of Thomas Lang, Stevie Wonder and Feeder, the DUBE offers four panels of percussive music making potential providing an incredibly varied range of tones, textures and sounds. The DUBE is perfect for drummers and percussionists seeking extra expression and flavour with their creative beat making and rhythms.

Every musician is different, with their own individual personalities, styles and sounds. The unqiueness of the player can be reflected in their DUBE, which can be completely customised to suit its owner’s look and musical flare. Suddenly, a cubic box becomes a personalised masterpiece, a statement, a work of art.

The DUBE is ideal for professional or amateur musicians, schools and even DJ’s, offering intuitive rhythmic accompaniment to anyone who needs a beat. An innovative instrument with incredible playability, The DUBE comes in four sizes  with an internal microphone that can be amplified for use at acoustic gigs, jazz festivals, drum’n’bass nights, performance art shows, spontaneous jam sessions or wherever you need rhythm – the DUBE delivers.

Dion Dublin and his musical creation, The Dube.

How to Enter this Exclusive Competition

To be in with the chance of winning a 12” DUBE, let us know how you would customise or design your own DUBE, either by describing your idea in writing or by submitting an image of the design itself using the comment s box below!

Images can be attached to your comment and should be .jpeg, .gif or .png and no bigger than 1MB.

You must also verify your entry by sharing or tweeting this linked article on Facebook or Twitter.

Dion Dublin himself will be choosing the winner so this is a real chance to impress him with your design. Not only that, but he will be presenting the prize in person at the nearest Musicroom store (subject to availability, location and scheduling)!

Hear from the man himself, Dion Dublin, about this fantastic competition and prize:

Entries must be posted in the competition form below between September 17 and October 26. Any entries after that time will not be counted.

Competition Summary

  1. Describe or create an image of a unique, custom DUBE.
  2. Post your text or picture entry in a comment below.
  3. Like or tweet this article to your Facebook or Twitter profile.

To get an idea of what Dion is looking for, prospective entrants can read his exclusive interview with the Musicroom blog, where the DUBE’s inventor talks about his favourite custom designs, including football club logos (of course) and graffiti stencil tags.

Terms and Conditions

  • By entering into this competition, all entrants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
  • In the event that any entrant does not, or is unable to, comply with and meet these Terms and Conditions and the competition information, Musicroom shall be entitled at its sole discretion to disqualify such entrant, without any further liability to such entrant.
  • Only entries made via the published competition entry method will be deemed valid. Only one entry per person is permitted.
  • The closing date for this competition is ­­­­26/10/12 and the start date is 17/09/12
  • To enter this competition you must be: (a) a UK resident; and (b) 18 years old or over at the time of entry.
  • This competition is free to enter and no purchase is necessary.
  • Musicroom may exercise its sole discretion to use the winner’s name and image and their comments relating to the prize and competition experience for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes in any media worldwide without notice or without any fee being paid.
  • This competition is not open to employees (or members of their immediate families) of The DUBE, Musicroom or the competition promoter.
  • No cash alternative for the prizes stated is offered.
  • Only one entry per person is permitted.
  • The winner will be the entrant who Musicroom selects to be the best of the entries by the judges [Dion Dublin].
  • The judges’ decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Winners will be notified by email. If winners fail to reply within 48 hours, Musicroom reserves the right to pick another winner.
  • The promoter of this competition is: Further, The Old Church, St Matthews Road, Norwich, NR1 1SP.
  • These terms and conditions were set out in accordance with The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (2008) and the The British Code of Advertising, Sale Promotion and Direct Marketing Code.

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    • GregJohnson says

      Hi Carol,

      Sorry to hear you’re having problems but I can confirm we’ve received your entry.

      Thank you and good luck!

  1. wastedlife says

    it would be great if it was covered with ole missisippi number plates made a stomp box like this looks so cool

  2. anthonygerrard says

    My kids would love to make music on this. My 2 year old son in particular loves drumming, he also enjoys playing on the Piano. Having the Dube customised with pictures of my kids would be lovely and make it even more fun.

  3. Richard Beesley says

    I’d love a Dube! My design has a football on one side (what else?!), musical notes on another, representing my love of music; a globe on a third, as music brings the world together; two sides with grafitti-style Dube tags; and a cheeky message on the base! Hope you also like the mock-up!

  4. Richard Beesley says

    Hi Dube, I entered an image attached to my comment – but can’t see it now. please could you confirm you got the attachment? thanks, Richard

    • Musicroom says

      Hi Richard! We’ve looked through our comments system but can’t see it unfortunately. Perhaps something went wrong with the upload?

      Could you please reply to this message and try again with the picture button in the bottom left of the comment box? Thank you and sorry for the error.

      • Richard Beesley says

        Hi Musicroom,
        Thanks – tried again and it looks like it worked this time!
        Thanks again,

  5. rebecca beesley says

    Hi Dube, I have an idea for this competition but am rubbish at drawing so am going to have to describe it! It would have four people holding hands (one person on each of four sides of the DUBE drum). I thought one male, one female, one child and one baby would be good so their hands would link at the edges of each side (ideally each person would be of different ages and origins to show how they unite with music). On the top there would be a brightly coloured map of the world (almost graffiti art-like rather than a traditional looking map) with a message saying “young or old…music unites the world!”. There would be some funky colourful music notes and symbols (eg. treble clef, quavers, semi-quavers etc) positioned around each person. On the base, I would love to see a silhouette of a footballer, with a knee bent keeping a ball in the air but the ball is actually a globe. Hope you like the idea, best wishes Rebecca x

  6. h_igoe says

    My dube would be covered in images of the people I love, as it would be really cool for my kids to be able to explore using it and discover what different sounds I make from my husband to the sounds each of them make underneath their pictures. I would love it be a family montage but also to include pets and images of things that we all find important or insprining too. For example I would put an image of my son’s toy Lion, and my husband works in the oil and gas industry so something reflective of that too! Plus any other fun pictures I could find that reflected our family so cool holiday pictures that remind us of the memories and finally we have a great picture of us on our wedding day standing by two gianormous silos!

  7. Katie Holderness says

    Here’s my design (attached to this comment!)!! Hmmm…..a drum shaped like a cube?? Well obviously it should be decorated with round or spherical items….just to EXTRA blow your mind! 😉

  8. Katie Holderness says

    Here’s my design (attached to this comment!)!! Hmmm…..a drum shaped like a cube?? Well obviously it should be decorated with round or spherical items….just to EXTRA blow your mind! 😉

  9. Sean Hubbard-Read says

    I’d love my Dube to have the Coat of Arms of Brook Taverner all over it, so I could display it in the shop where I work for Brook Taverner

  10. James Borcic says

    Hi Dion & the Musicroom,

    I have attached my submission. Its the back of Dion’s shirt throughout his career.



  11. Another wombat says

    Make it a giant multicoloured die – each panel a different colour, with the lightest the higher range and the darker for mo’ bass, and dice-like dots 1-6 to denote the sound. Look great, sound awesome!

  12. says

    I’d decorate my Dube with images of Coventry City players over the years. Dion used to play for us (and it’s been downhill ever since he left!) so it seems only fitting that he should feature on the Dube. Great invention!

  13. jeremy andrews says

    I would have pictures of Massive bass speakers on 2 sides, 12″ Records on 2 sides and Waveforms on the 2 other sides.

  14. LORNA says


  15. says

    Quite frankly, I wouldn’t have a Dube unless it looked like the attached.

    Seriously though, looks very funky – would love to see how it sounds with my own ears!


  16. Richard says

    My design is of the logos of all the football clubs that Dion played for on one side of the Dube and on the other side an ariel view of the grounds he has played at, I would also like to tie in the hardware part perhaps painting rivets in the corners

  17. TheodoreJAM says

    I want a 5 sided Dube, with each side representing each of the Chinese Elements with their symbols and delivering a pentatonic relationship:

  18. James McCormack says

    i would paint my dube to make it look like an old fashioned tea chest complete with stencils naming the mill that my Grandad used used to work in and brass corner pieces

  19. CompingUK says

    This is my image design, look at it closely and see what jumps out. It is a Sterogram or Magic Eye picture of a Dube!