Unreleased Jimi Hendrix tracks set to emerge over the next decade

A step-by step breakdown of Hendrix' Guitar styles and techniques

Fans of Jimi Hendrix may be excited by news that there is set to be more unreleased material from the legendary guitarist in the future.

According to an interview with Undercover News, Hendrix’s sister Janie has revealed that the latest album – Valleys of Neptune – is unlikely to be his last recording.

She told the website: “We probably have about 14 more projects to go over the next ten years … he wrote and accomplished a lot in four years.

“In 1969, Jimi had finished Electric Ladyland and he was working on this new sound. He was telling us about this new music … he thought he could really change music.”

Ms Hendrix revealed that as well as CDs the collection includes concert and studio footage.

During his lifetime Hendrix released only three albums and since his death over ten official ones have emerged.

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