Rock Your GCSE Music reviewed for BTEC and GCSE

A new review of Rhinegold Education and Rockshool’s Rock Your GCSE Music has been posted on the Rhinegold website.

Written by Matt Allen, Head of Performing Arts at Chessington Community College, the review looks at how this new series works for teachers and students within BTEC level 2 and 3, and GCSE classes.

You can read the piece in full over on the Rhinegold Education website.

Rock Your GCSE Music is a series of three titles which includes a Teacher’s Book, Ensemble Pieces and Student Handook.

The range is designed to expand the experience of students with work that develops composition, performance, listening and group skills work focused on music styles and artists they’re already familiar with.

In Matt’s opinion, “the whole approach really works – it’s a fantastic resource that I highly recommend!”

He also canvassed the opinions of his students who have used the series. Their feedback included:

“It’s good because the music layout is really good with details included”

“It’s easy to read and follow”

“Including TAB and written music is great”

“The songs included are cool”

“The melody with lyrics is well presented”

Matt Allen is Head of Performing Arts at Chessington Community College. You can read his full review of Rock Your GCSE Music from Rhinegold Education and Rockschool over on the Rhinegold website.

Rock Your GCSE Music is available online at


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