Out now! The new This Day In Classic Rock app

This Day in Classic Rock is the latest iPad and iOS app from This Day in Music Apps and Classic Rock magazine. Offering a set of daily classic rock facts for every day of the year, along with quizzes, album covers and lots of other fun content it’s the ideal app for rock fans.

Check out the video below for a demo of the new download in action:

As an official Classic Rock Magazine release, powered by the trivia and know how of This Day In Music, the app is over flowing with information about classic bands, genres and albums, and is geared around bringing historical updates to you each day.

The On This Day section is where you’ll see daily classic rock facts. There are over 2,000 in total, and each day has around 6-8 nuggets of nostalgia and knowledge each.

They range from notable album releases, artists’ birthdays and anniversaries of artists’ deaths to reports on famous arrests, chart toppers, or even the day The Beatles back catalog was made available on iTunes!

Elsewhere within the app, the Trivia section offers of over 300 further classic rock related trivia items on top of the daily factoids, with a built-in Quiz designed to test your knowledge of classic rock.

It also keeps track of your scores on every ten questions you answer.

Album Notes is another great section, granting an in-deoth overview on 50 classic rock albums from a broad range of bands – from Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to The Sex Pistols and everything in between. It’s got more than 75,000 words on albums and song notes and links out to your iTunes so you play the featured music without leaving the app or purchase the songs from the online store.

The app also provides a free ringtone created by Anthony Drennan of Genesis and Mike and the Mechanics, and free wallpaper images.

Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, check it out for yourself on the app store!

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