Out now: Rockschool 2012-2018 Companion Guides and Technical Handbooks

Earlier this year Rockschool launched their new 2012-2018 Syllabuses for guitar, bass and drums to much applause from students, teachers and players alike.

Now, the world’s leading accredited provider of rock exams have released their latest range of Companion Guides and Technical Handbooks – essential reference titles designed to help music teachers get the very best results for their students.

Check out the new Rockschool Companion Guides and Technical Handbooks now at Musicroom.com!

Each of the Companion Guides feature six examples of additional specimen tests for each of the “unseen test” elements of Rockschool exams.

•              Sight reading (Debut to Grade 5) – 6 per grade
•              Improvisation & Interpretation (Grade 1 to Grade 5) – 6 per grade
•              Ear Tests (Debut to Grade 8) – 6 per grade
•              Quick Study Pieces (Grades 6-8) 6 per grade
•              General Musicianship Questions (Debut-Grade 8) – 5 example questions per grade

Ideal for candidates preparing for a Rockschool Grade Exam, these Companion Guides contain valuable practice material, written and designed to be easy to follow while complementing the Rockschool Grade Books.

The new and comprehensive Technical Handbooks cover all the Technical Exercises of the new guitar syllabus and, for the first time ever, the bass and drum syllabuses.

Each Technical Handbook provides teachers and studnets with all the scales and arpeggio examples they need to complete the specific guitar and bass grades, in an easy-to-use format. The drum Technical Handbook brings together all the rudiments covered by the Rockschool grade books in a single volume for easy reference.

The books all come complete with audio backing tracks. Both printed and digital only versions are available.

Find out more about Rockschool’s new Companion Guides and Technical Handbooks at Musicroom.com!


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