Win a Fender Blacktop HH Telecaster with Musicroom and Music Radar

GregJohnson July 23, 2012 305
Win a Fender Blacktop HH Telecaster with Musicroom and Music Radar

Want to get your hands on a hot-rodded Fender Blacktop HH Telecaster?

Musicroom have teamed up with Music Radar to offer you the chance to win one of these fantastic dual-humbucker Fender guitars, just in time for summer.

The supercharged Blacktop HH Telecaster is the perfect blend of vintage flavour and high-gain power, with its dual over-wound Hot Alnico Humbucker pickups giving players all the drive they could ever need without having to sacrifice on your sound.

WIN this guitar!

It’s a beautiful instrument to look at too, with an alder wood body, maple neck and rosewood fret board that feels great to play whatever your style.

According to Music Radar’s very own Ed Mitchell, the Blacktop HH is the “hot-rodded guitar designed to convert unbelievers to the Fender faith”, and with its impressive flexibility this six-stringer is a beast that can take on all comers, regardless of their style or genre.

From brutal riffs to soaring melodies and screaming, deep-burning blues, the Blacktop can handle anything you could throw at it, so long as you, the player, have the passion to match.

With the 2012 festival season well under-way, now is the perfect time to grab yourself a brand new guitar and blaze your own path through the summer!

All you need to do to win this spectacular guitar is tell us, in less than 200 words, why you should win in a comment below.

We’re looking for passion, commitment and proof of why you deserve this fantastic prize – the more creative your answer, the better.

Don’t forget to include your email address when commenting and be sure to validate your entry by sharing this page on Facebook and Twitter.

The competition closes August 24th 2012.

Click here for the full terms and conditions.

UPDATE: Our judges have returned their verdict and Musicroom are delighted to announce that Joe Garside is the winner of the Fender Blacktop HH Telecaster. Congratulations Joe!

Thank you to everyone else who entered. There were some great entries and our panel really struggled to come to a final decision!

Check back for more great Musicroom competitions, prizes and giveaways in the near future.

  • Estie

    I deserve this guitar because I travelled all the way from Colombia south america to England just to make a band and play music! I learnt English and battled myself through such difficulties just to be able to stay in the country, to get a job and be able to play in a band! our first EP was featured on BBC radio introducing for the south and I want to record our 2nd EP on september with this guitar, thank you.

  • Robert McAllister

    Me ? I’m going to take a day off work to rock out in front of the mirror to every single one of my favourite tracks…then when the girls come home from school, I, like a top Dad will present it to them with the words…….” Look what Dad’s bought for you ” I will blush with shame when they’re not looking.

  • Sophie M

    I think I should win this for my fiance as he is a keen musician. His collection currently stands at 5 electric guitars, 1 acoustic guitar and 1 bass guitar and absolutely NONE of these are Fender! He likes to buy old guitars and do them up to keep :)

  • matthew alger

    Look into my eyes, look into my eyes. Not around the eyes, Look into my eyes…

    ‘click’ YOU’R UNDER!

    This guitar Is mine and not something your going to give to somebody else… Being that I would love this Telecaster with 2 hum-buckers makes me weak at the knees!

    3 – 2 – 1 and Your Back in the room!

  • Calum McIlroy

    I deserve this guitar because:

    I am 15 and have been playing guitar for nearly 6 years, I started with a cheapy Yamaha electric and taught myself to play to about grade 8 ability (according to a guitar teacher at my school). However, that guitar broke around 4 years ago! I then inherited my dad’s acoustic guitar that he never learned to play. I play it every single day and have improved a lot, but I feel limited to what I can play on it. I love electric guitars and the different styles you can play on them. Jazz, rock, funk, country, surf, anything! I am very fond of Telecasters and their body shape and plus, Springsteen plays one! I am a loyal customer to and feel I deserve this guitar!

  • Kirsty

    My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and I think he deserves to win this guitar. Craig has only been learning for 6 months but loves it. He practises every day so the guitar would be well used and loved – it is a seriously sexy guitar! :D Having such a good quality instrument as a beginner, will inspire Craig to continue with his lessons and help with more in depth elements like good tone.

    As an incentive to help you make your decision, here is Craig’s favourite joke (to give you an idea of the person he is!)

    What do you call a donkey with three legs?


  • Lee Simpson

    Given that we’re starting to gig more regularly with our third EP out now, we need good kit that’s going to endure the punishment we dish out. It’s about time really, as we’ve been a band for four years and we’ve had enough of our equipment falling apart in our hands.

    That, and it’s a sexy buggar. Might make out guitarist look slightly more easy on the eyes. One can dream.

  • http://mse lee burton

    be the envy of all my mates when i took this to the studio they would think i had won the lotto

  • jamie

    because i want a Fender Blacktop HH Telecaster!

  • barr perry

    i will be learning on a 2nd hand guitar never picked up a guitar before be so nice to learn on

  • Forbes Coleman

    I run a recording studio dedicated to unsigned and young talent. We received Lottery funding to open the studio and partially equip. I had to put a lot of my own equipment in to the studio to ensure the bands have everything they need (drums, basses, amps). Only thing I didn’t have was a decent guitar; currently making do with a Squire Strat I bought with my first pay packet aged 16. If I got this guitar, I could get my Squire back for home and then use this in the studio every single day.

  • Joe Garside

    I don’t feel that I SHOULD win this guitar anymore than anybody else who has commented on this as we are all guitarists and are clearly passionate about the legendary telecaster. I can tell you that if I won this guitar it would be loved and played everyday. I sit everyday for hours on end playing to try and achieve my goal of being a musician. I do NOT feel entitled to this guitar but I am as passionate about guitar as it is possible to be and the telecaster is an all time favourite model which, unfortunately I have never been able to buy for myself. I would appreciate this guitar so much and would use it as much as possible. Thankyou

  • Scott M

    Basically, I need this guitar because 1. I have always wanted a Tele. 2. I don’t have a Tele. 3. This Tele would sound incredible on my next album and on stage which could A. Propel me to stardom B. Attract chicks like a magnet. C. Give me enough money to start a dangerous addiction D. be able to later pawn when the a. the fans have left. b. the chicks have left. c. I’ve spent all my money on the aforementioned addictions. Plus, I want it really bad

  • Jurre

    I have been playing on a crappy, fake stratocaster since I was 12. It was red but looks yellow now because of all the times I used it… I am 16 now and I think it is time for a new guitar.

  • Conor Molloy

    Several years ago, a prophet told me that I was the chosen one who was to rid this world of all electric beats, auto-tuned vocals and talentless ‘artists’ who were destroying music. The Lord had sent me to do his bidding and I was not going to fail him. Unfortunately, my weapon of choice was a cheap Ibanez. Seeing how I had betrayed him by choosing such an unworthy instrument, I was cursed by God who then condemned me to stay here and be forced to listen to computerized noise on the radio forever. I am close to losing my mind, and have no money to buy a guitar worthy of my supernatural skills. With this Fender Blacktop HH Telecaster, I could finally bring peace and happiness to the world and restore God’s faith in me. You will see a new messiah rise up and do what others have failed to do in the past. Please, I am not asking this for my own sake- I am asking this for the sake of the future of this world. Thank you.

  • Martyn

    Because my guitar is rubbish. It knows what I think of it and i’m sure it hates me back. I have played it all over the country and despite me generously taking it to see the sights of bonny england, it lets me down at every opportunity. It was 60 quid. My job cooking shit food for moaning customers does not pay well enough and wooden pennies are a dead currency. Just give me the guitar. I’ll treat it nice.

  • Martyn

    Because my guitar is rubbish. I love it dearly, but this love is not reciprocated and despite taking it up and down the country and showing it the sights of bonny England, it lets me down at every opportunity. It was 60 quid. My job cooking food for moaning tossers doesn’t pay well enough to buy a new one, and besides, wooden pennies are a dead currency. Do the right thing! x

  • Sarah

    I definitely don’t deserve this guitar, but I reckon that my son does. His dad died when he was 11, and I had to withdraw him from school a year later after persistent bullying left him depressed and anxious. He started playing guitar at 14, and it changed his life. Now, four years later, he plays acoustic, electric and classical, is about to take his Grade 7 classical exam and has just passed Grade 6 vocals with a Merit. He plays in two bands. He is taking a fast track Music A Level course starting in September at a college over an hour away from home (the local college doesn’t offer it), and he intends to study music at uni. I’ve done my best to buy him decent instruments, but his electric guitar is pretty basic (though he does remarkably well with it considering, and has never complained) and I’d love to see him playing something more worthy of the time and effort that he’s put in to his music. I’m just so enormously proud of what he’s achieved.

  • anna young

    ok – so this is a little bit of a cop out – but my fiance would love this guitar being a proper rocker at heart (and having his own guitar damaged by airport staff at a certain cheap airline company) when his old school rock band played a small gig in Germany for a laugh! I would love to put a smile back on his face and win this for him!! So please pick me! (or him!!)

  • Aaron Trevelyan

    No one else here deserves this guitar but me! It’s a super loud and aggressive beast. I need it.

    I had to trade in my guitar collection after losing my job (circa. Feb 2012). Considering one of the guitars I sold was a Fender Toronado GT HH, the Blacktop HH is the perfect match (nicer on the eye too).

    I miss the excitement of a new riff. I need that feeling again; I still have my head and cab (no one wanted it). I have no brownie points to gain; only the sweet sound of a fully cranked amp.

    The day I parted with my guitar collection made me cry, and I never cry. It was emotional. The one that hurt the most was the Electro-acoustic Ovation that my father gifted me, and giving that up ripped me apart because it was more than just a guitar. It was the bond I shared with my father. It’s all lame but true.

  • Vicky Carter

    I’d love to win this for my partner, she’s a cray cool chick with guitar and she’s absolutely amazing, it’s her 30th birthday next month and I’d love to see the smile on her face when she opens this as her present!

  • David R

    It has been my life long dream to learn to play the guitar and owning this amazing guitar would be the motivation I need to finally do it

  • Richard O

    I would love to learn to play the guitar, so what better way to get the motivation than to win a guitar I could learn to play with. So thank you Musicroom if you pick me, and if you do email to tell me the good news your are sure to receive an email reply back which will show just how grateful I would be/am when the news comes through!

  • http://facebook owen

    I should win this guitar because it will help enhance my playing skills further than my current guitar, which isnt very good but it was all we could afford at the time, and I am very gratefull for that. I promise it will get a great home and be used often. (I play for around 2-4 hours daily.)

  • Polly Frayling

    My son has just passed his grade 3 acoustic guitar with merit at the age of 11 and really wants to start playing the electric so this would be a great well done present for him. Thank you

  • cecelia Allen

    I have only ever touched one of these, the feel and deep rich tone is fabulous. I would love this not just for me to try out riffs and licks but for my son to rock to his hearts content

  • Mathew

    I don’t know you. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for a Ransom, I can tell you, I don’t have Money. But what I do have, are a very particular set of skills. Skills I’ve acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for the people like you. If you give me the Fender Blacktop HH Telecaster now, that’ll be the end of it. I’ll not look for you. I’ll not pursue you. But If you don’t, I’ll look for you. I’ll find you and I’ll kill you…not really!

  • Lauren

    I currently don’t play guitar but I’d love to surprise my partner by learning the Free Bird solo and just playing that randomly one night, hehe! Would love to see the look on his face :)

  • Solange

    “L’art pour l’art.” Art for the sake of art. I play because I need to. I play because I want to. It is a way to express myself. I bought a bass guitar and have fallen in love with it. It chills me out when I play it and I can pretty much play the mood I’m in very easily. I think my favourite song to play is New Dawn Fades by Joy Division. It’s just pure class.

  • Paul

    I could stick it through a ZVEX Fuzzbox and stand in front of a mirror (with sunglasses on and the curtains closed obviously) and pretend to be Matt Bellamy. OK, I might need a bag over my head too