Win a Fender Blacktop HH Telecaster with Musicroom and Music Radar

GregJohnson July 23, 2012 305
Win a Fender Blacktop HH Telecaster with Musicroom and Music Radar

Want to get your hands on a hot-rodded Fender Blacktop HH Telecaster?

Musicroom have teamed up with Music Radar to offer you the chance to win one of these fantastic dual-humbucker Fender guitars, just in time for summer.

The supercharged Blacktop HH Telecaster is the perfect blend of vintage flavour and high-gain power, with its dual over-wound Hot Alnico Humbucker pickups giving players all the drive they could ever need without having to sacrifice on your sound.

WIN this guitar!

It’s a beautiful instrument to look at too, with an alder wood body, maple neck and rosewood fret board that feels great to play whatever your style.

According to Music Radar’s very own Ed Mitchell, the Blacktop HH is the “hot-rodded guitar designed to convert unbelievers to the Fender faith”, and with its impressive flexibility this six-stringer is a beast that can take on all comers, regardless of their style or genre.

From brutal riffs to soaring melodies and screaming, deep-burning blues, the Blacktop can handle anything you could throw at it, so long as you, the player, have the passion to match.

With the 2012 festival season well under-way, now is the perfect time to grab yourself a brand new guitar and blaze your own path through the summer!

All you need to do to win this spectacular guitar is tell us, in less than 200 words, why you should win in a comment below.

We’re looking for passion, commitment and proof of why you deserve this fantastic prize – the more creative your answer, the better.

Don’t forget to include your email address when commenting and be sure to validate your entry by sharing this page on Facebook and Twitter.

The competition closes August 24th 2012.

Click here for the full terms and conditions.

UPDATE: Our judges have returned their verdict and Musicroom are delighted to announce that Joe Garside is the winner of the Fender Blacktop HH Telecaster. Congratulations Joe!

Thank you to everyone else who entered. There were some great entries and our panel really struggled to come to a final decision!

Check back for more great Musicroom competitions, prizes and giveaways in the near future.

  • Rachael Simmons

    My fiance is a guitar fanatic! He spends all his free time strumming on one of them, or watching tutorial videos or vintage gigs online. It is his one true passion and I have spent many a day traipsing round music stores and even car boot sales on the search for his next electric fix. I would love to be able to say that I managed to win him one, I wouldn’t even tell him until it was delivered. In-fact, we’re getting married soon and that would be the best groom present ever!! Only this time, I’ll force him to learn Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan! :D

  • Rachael Simmons

    Ah, where did my post go?!?!

    Right, I’m not going to write all that again :(

    In a nutshell, I would please love a reason for my fiance to finally learn Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan, because I would be giving him the World’s Greatest Groom’s Present! :D

    Please help a guitar widow aid her man with his addiction :D

  • Jon Heavens

    Now, this is a story all about how
    My life got flipped-turned upside down
    And I’d like to take a minute
    Just sit right here
    I’ll tell you why I should have that Fender Blacktop right there.

    In south west UK born and raised
    On the musicroom was where I spent most of my days
    Riffin’ out maxin’ shreddin’ all cool
    When a couple of guys ,Who were up to no good
    Startin making trouble saying my guitar was bad wood,
    I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
    She said ‘You’re need a new Fender Tele Blacktop HH’

    I commented for the guitar and when it came near
    The scratchplate said fresh and had a fine black veneer
    If anything I can say this axe is rare
    But I thought ‘Now forget it’ – ‘Lets play some new gear’

    I refreshed the page about 7 or 8
    And I yelled at the others ‘Yo homes smell ya later’
    I looked at my collection
    I was finally there
    To sit on my throne with a Blacktop HH Fender

  • Dennis E

    I should absolutely win this guitar, because I admire the sound of the Telecasters. Their unique warm and bright sound fills my heart with joy. I would never sell this. Music is my passion and as a student I otherwise could not afford a lovely guitar like this :) Music is life !!

  • Colm

    Music has meant everything to me since I first picked up the guitar eight years ago, everything else was just an obstacle getting in the way of playing and becoming a full time guitarist, I live for playing with friends and playing live. But I lost my job a few months back and have had to sell gear to make up the money to get by, while looking for work. I am currently in a gigging band and we are getting gigs and growing stronger but not enough to keep me going. I really believe that my chance to be a full time guitarist and make something that i love so much my career really is now or never. Winning this guitar would give such a lift and the motivation to really go for it and I will do everything I can to make this guitar sing! All I can say is that this tele, the guitar that started it all, will be in hands that will really put it to use that will provide great enjoyment for numerous others and help me get back on my feet.

  • Zanna

    I deserve it because I tried every tele configuration drilling and mounting any kind of aftermarket stuff. This Blacktop has nothing but the right modifications. Two humbuckers and downunder control plates, what else? Get rid of swithces, fancy tops, plates and have a Telecaster Blacktop. Make me stop putting together Frankenstein Tellys, I’m done.

  • Sam

    Id love to win this guitar! Got my first classical guitar when i was 10 (17 now) and have been playing it ever since! Although i havent actually played classical music since i was in year 7. I was gunnah treat myself to a Squire stratocaster a couple of weeks ago but the cheaper one was out of stock and now the moneys been spent! My classical is rather small and quite wrecked now and id love a fresh piece like this!

    Thanks for reading!


  • Joe Hopper

    Not all of us are into football. We’re not all fascinated by cars, or politics, or the bloody Olympics. But I reckon there’s barely a Brit alive that isn’t switched on by music. We’re a musical nation. The songs we sing are the soundtrack to our photo albums, our birthdays and weddings, our parents’ living rooms – our memories. I’d love to win this guitar because I’d play it with my Dad and Brother. We’d share a bottle of wine or two and sing the Beatles together. I’d like that very much!

  • Gareth B

    Because I suck at guitar and cry myself to sleep most nights, wondering how I’m ever gonna get the chicks if I don’t have the licks….but at least this would make me LOOK cool and visually deceive the ladies into being at least a bit interested. Sob.

  • Matt C

    Each year I perform between 8 and 12 major European music festivals with an award winning artist who is signed to EMI.
    I think I should win this guitar as I would use it as my main axe for these shows and therefore would give Fender some publicity ( not that they need it….).
    I just think if people see it and hear it, they may feel inclined to get one for themselves.

  • Tom

    I’ve always wanted a guitar that looks like a Telecaster, With the grunt of a Les paul. The HH Tele is the perfect guitar. G’wan, Make my year Musicroom! :o)

  • Rhys Bee

    No reason atall i just never been able to afford a decent guitar so winning this would be ACE!

  • Rhys Bee

    No reason atall ! Just never been able to afford a top end guitar so winning this would be ACE !!

  • John Gunn

    I think I deserve to win this guitar because I have had 4 kids in the last 5 years and haven’t had time to play the guitar very much, so much so that I came home to find my wife had given it away GRRR! Therefore I think I should win this one and I can play it very loudly as payback! Thanks guys!

  • Ben

    I would love to win this guitar! Partly because I’ve never ever won a prize draw (no sympathy, promise!) and secondly because this guitar is exactly what I’ve been looking for (e-Harmony was useless, just a load of girls). Telecasters are my by far my favourite guitars however I’ve always felt the standard tele’s lack the “balls” that you get with humbuckers. I’ve only ever had a telecaster and I play in a covers band so I really need to adapt to quite a few different guitar tones. Humbuckers just sound so great for crunchy oasis & Stereophonics covers! I’d go for a Les Paul or SG but nothing compares to the feel, shape and beauty of a telecaster. This one would be the whole package! If I won this I’d sell my standard tele and buy my mum some flowers… isn’t that nice! (Then I’d spend the rest on polish for this beast) How gorgeous is this guitar though!? Fender have outdone themselves on this one!

  • Andrew Illingworth

    I feel I should win this, as I have just graduated from University with a 1st Class Degree in Music Technology and Music. But I still can’t afford a decent damn guitar! So it can be my reward. [Add something here about world peace for brownie points]

  • Martin

    I’m just a poor boy – I need no sympathy- because I’m easy come easy go – little high little low – will you let me go ‘cos I’d like the Fender – please let me know!

  • Jack

    Being a student, items such as a new guitar (or new anything) are rare to possess. When I’m not saving up for guitar related gear I’m paying for my course, accommodation, books and so on. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 12 years old and have been hooked since. The problem is that I can only express myself to a certain extent with the same old guitar I’ve owned for all this time. By winning this guitar it would be making my already dire year turn around for the better.

  • Kupidos

    I want to have and make a song using this awesome guitar and this would be the greatest gift i’ve ever receive from other country.. Godbless Guitarist! :)

  • Franco Rinaldi

    I always used Strats and have a strat blacktop. Never ever had a Tele. Would LOVE to have this one because it looks sooo COOL and love the H H on them too (very powerful). Being partially sighted the dark fretboard would really help:) Starting soon gigging with a new band so it would be great:):):)

  • Saku

    Because I play bass and I know what I SHOULD be playing instead…

  • Elliott

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps, I sit on a Bridge Over Troubled Water, waiting for this guitar to be in my life, whether I was on a Highway To Hell or a Stairway To Heaven, this guitar would be with me. I thought all I need is love. But I need this more. Otherwise i’d just be Scuttlebutting, listening to Rock And Roll Music without this beautiful guitar!

  • vincent earl

    I’m not sure why i /should/ win. But i did start dreaming of it.

    I’m not getting any work done now.

    I’m forming a band. I’ve got some lyrics, and some of the basics written on acoustic. A drummer i’ve known for years and a keyboard player he knew at university want in. We’re choosing a name. None of us can agree on one.
    It’s hot in the studio, i’m waiting for the fan to blow my way. Fingers sweaty, i wipe them on my jeans before touching the strings.
    I’ve got this riff, then the drums start and a guy i know from the local pub comes in on bass.
    We’re all smiling.
    This is good. This is /good/.

    That could be the nicest guitar i’ll never play.

  • Peter Gilby

    I deserve to win because i have had a tough life fighting orc’s in middle earth i was also abducted by some time lord in a phone box who tried to make me his time travelling bitch but i put paid to that by going all gangster on his ass! anyway to cut a long story short i just want to leave all that behind me and play along to the Shadows in my room… its lonely here without windows and just my thoughts and the brutal nurses. I need this in my life.

  • Charlie Silcock

    Hello, my name is Charlie Silcock. I love playing guitar, especially Fender guitars. My Step-Dad works for Musicroom and has told me the amazing things you lovely people do. I have been playing guitar now for 3 years. I can play very well for my age (I’m 13 by the way). I’m going for my grade 6 soon and hoping to give lessons to help other people play this wonderful instrument, known as the guitar. This mighty Fender tool will help me on my path to help others and rock the world!

    Thank you for your time.

  • Brian Polanco

    I deserve to win this guitar because a few days ago, I was walking down a dark, lonely, abandoned highway, when in the dead of night, a shadowy silhouette of a strange figure erupted from a fiery blast of smoke. I was in awe but at the same time confused and frightened. I could not make out what the beast’s face looked like but he stood at least 8 feet tall. When the smoke cleared he said unto me “Thy soul will be forever damned…. Lest ye defeat the wicked serpent at the gates of the underworld. If ye sleigh the dragon with an almighty axe, thy soul will be spared. Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that l leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat”. I said unto the beast “but how will I kill the dragon?” He said “You must shred. Only then will your axe be the most holy and mightiest of weapons…. Go.” Just as suddenly as the messenger appeared, He disappeared. Vanishing, leaving me to embark on an epic quest for salvation.

  • Raul Junior

    por que eu nunca ganhei nada,e pretendo mudar a historia do rock pra sempre

  • Scott Becker

    I, for many years had been a fool… Thinking Telecasters were the toys of country and having no place in rock music for me. I was all humbucker and raunch, manufactured tone by overdriven circuits. I was astounded the day that I picked up a Tele, at the sheer tonal perfection imbued in that first commercial electric guitar design. Made perfect first, still perfect. I crave this instrument now. Gimme, please!!!

  • Matthew Compton

    I deserve to win this because I have been playing for over 15 years, and my only electric is a low end Epi. I would LOVE to have this guitar so that I may use it to expand my playing with a much higher quality guitar.

  • Charles Harvey

    Apologies to all but every guitar should pick its own owner. . and this one has picked me :-)

    Give us a shout and I’ll drop in to pick it up.