Fender Blacktop Tele

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  1. says

    i would love to win this guitar, im long disabled and spend 90% of my time at home listening to smooth radio, as i am a sixties baby. i used to own a nice guitar but sold it due to circumstance. this could be a sob story but i dont have a guitar to back me up ha ha. im not stringing you along but would love to win it. but i wont fret if i dont… keep smiling.

  2. David Wyatt says

    I played the guitar for about 25 years. For the last 7 years I have worked away from home. My wife left me 2 years ago and sold my guitars while I was away.I’m back home now alone and bored I would love to win to kick start my life

  3. David Wyatt says

    I played guitar for 25 years, I worked away from home for 7 years, 2 years ago my wife left me and sold my guitars while I was away I’m home now alone and bored I would love to win to kickstart my life

  4. Anita Parry says

    I’m a bit of an ageing lady rocker. Never had the chance to learn guitar in my youth. But I’m due to retire soon and learning to play is on my bucket list. I could be known as ‘old hand’ rather than ‘slow hand’ but that fab guitar would make me look the part even if I didn’t sound it.

  5. W Jackson says

    My talented son who’s 17 is a gifted musician is due to further his studies by embarking on a 2 year Diploma course to further his quest for learning his trade everyday. He’s currently proud to own a fender telecaster which he treasures & plays daily creating his art. It is now well worn & bares the scars of his sweat, love, frustrations & passion from hard work rocking at gigs with his band. Music is his connection with the world & the guitar is how he communicates. Music pours out of him as naturally at the sun rises and river flow to the sea. He shows a maturity beyond his years & believes in working hard , making his way in the music business by performing for the love of music, not for fame or financial gain. A new guitar would allow him to create more of his magic & continue his love of Fender’s.

  6. David Wallace says

    Wow! What a cool thing it would be to win this awesome guitar. I’ve played guitar since I was about eleven. As time goes by “life” happens and suddenly family, kids etc. take over and that’s the priority. Hey, no apologies, my little ones are number one ( three of them) focus. I still play, but money for guitars, amps and the like is few and far between. Anyway, it would be nice to win this guitar. All three of my kids have seemed to caught the musical gene. Hey, maybe I could pass it down to one of them one day!

  7. Craig hennessy says

    I would love to win this because it would be the perfect gift for my best man. Music is his passion and this would be the best way to thank him for being there on my special day.

  8. Joseph Higgins says

    My Father bought me an encore P29 second hand, it was the most expensive guitar he could afford at the time and I’ve learnt alot from it, in fact I gave up my summer to practice, day in and day out for hours at a time. Now I’m in desperate need of a new guitar, but simply can’t afford it, this is where my passion is. I was in my local second hand guitar shop today (southside music, in Glasgow) and I was looking at this same guitar in blue, I decided that I may save up for it and hope to get it early next year, but it would help me out so much to win one for two obvious reasons. 1. I get practicing alot sooner than if i save up and get it myself. and 2. the money I’d save from winning this could go towards other equipment that I simply can’t afford such as a decent amp, some useful pedals. overall just help me sound better when I play a show. No matter how small or big a crowd is, I want to make sure that I send them home happy after a nice sounding performance. Even if I don’t win, it’s nice to be given the oppertunity.