Introducing: Lem and the White Fire

Portsmouth April 25, 2012 4

Lem and the White Fire are a new, original, soul pop 11-piece band from West Sussex.

In collaboration with Marcus Crowe, the group’s eponymous lead singer, Lem Parker, has spent the last six months writing material for their debut album, which is being recorded at the legendary Pinewood Studios.

With Lem leading from the front on vocals, the band’s lineup includes; Jimmy (guitar), Dave (guitar), Rob (piano), Adam (Rhodes and Hammond), Rich (drums), Gareth (bass), Rich (alto/tenor sax), Sean (trumpet), and Niamh and Susie (backing vocals).

Check out Lem and the White Fire on facebook, soundcloud and their website, and look out for more new music from our stores and customers soon!

  • Jacquie – Jimi’s mum

    Im your latest fan! Wonderful voice and song….why hasnt jimi played it to me before?

  • Jimi

    Mum! What are you doing online!? Nice to see you in the 21st century x

  • Lem

    *Waves* Hi Jimi’s Mummy… Glad you like it :) Lem

  • Lem

    Watch this space for the new recordings from Pinewood Studio :)