Marshall announce Slash signature amp – order it now at Musicroom

Marshall Amplification have announced the release of their new SL-5 Slash Signature Guitar Amplifier.

SlashThe Marshall SL-5 is an all valve 5 watt amplifier packed with features and, above all else, the distinctive signature tones of guitar hero legend Slash. Pre-order it now at!

Working closely with the Velvet Revolver and former Guns N’ Roses lead guitarists following the success of his signature AFD100 model, Marshall decided to make a more accessible amp ideal for home or studio use.

The result is an amp that captures the sound and style of Slash so well, you’ll be expecting it be wearing its own top hat!

The SL-5‘s clean channel has a single volume control that takes you all the way from authentic Slash clean tones to Marshall style crunch, allowing you dial and drop into the sounds that you need, when you need them.

Over on the overdrive channel, the volume and gain controls nail down those classic Appetite For Destruction era sounds while allowing guitarists to push their instruments to maximum capacity.

Needless to say, both channels of course come approved by Slash himself.


Marshall’s Slash SL-5 is released in March, but you can pre-order it now at!


While the SL-5 provides 5 watts of valve power straight out of the box, the amp can also be switched to just 1 watt at any time via a three way power switch, letting players solo their way through the perfect Slash tone at bedroom volume.

There’s also a master EQ (bass, middle, treble and presence), high quality custom voiced digital reverb and high and low sensitivity inputs.

At the heart of the SL-5 lies three ECC83 preamp valves and a single EL34 valve for its power stage, pumping their rich and powerful tube tones through  Slash’s favourite Celestion ‘Vintage 30’ 12” speakers, bringing the amplifier to life.

Why wait? Click here to find out more about the SL-5 or to place your pre-order today!

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      Dean Hailstone

      Great amp. Sounds good without any tweaking. Also included in the new Amplitube if you want to test before you buy…
      6:21 p.m., Wednesday Sept. 10

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