Get your antique and rare instruments valued at Musicroom Bristol this February

MusicRoomAuctions will be holding their first online auction of rare and Antique musical instruments on March 26 2013.

In advance of the auction itself the MusicroomAuctions team will be offering a free no-obligation valuation for customers at Musicroom Bristol on Wednesday February 20 2013 between 11am-3pm.

Experts will be on hand throughout the day to value your instrument and offer helpful advice on the details of auctioning should you decide to put any objects up for sale, Antiques Roadshow style!

If you’re interested in viewing all the lots of rare and Antique instruments set to be offered in the full-blown auction, a viewing will be held in central London at the Royal Opera arcade Galleries from between March 24 and 26.

For more information or to make an appointment visit or call 0843 178 0202.


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