Debate: Do non-musicians matter to musicians?

The leaking of exploitative contracts handed out to photographers by the newly revived The Stone Roses has thrown a spotlight onto the relationships that exists between musicians and other creative people who work within the music industry.

Posting on his Facebook, veteran live music photographer, Ian Tilton, whose iconic pictures helped to encapsulate the legendary Manchester band in their prime, uploaded the proposed live photography contract. In an update he added:

“Still no word from The Stone Roses or their management or their press agent. I’m still boycotting Photography at all the gigs. Please join me and all the other photographers until the Roses withdraw this exploitation contract”.

The main point of contention within the document states that all rights for pictures taken at their gigs will be owned by the newly reformed group, so that they can exploit the photographs as they deem fit without needing to pay the photographers.

The final line of the section reads: “You agree to provide us with all the copies of all the photographs upon request. No syndication rights are to you, all rights are reserved to us.”

Calling the contract an “insult to all photographers”, Tilton made his scan of the offending contract available for public viewing on June 22. The band have since issued a revised contract which many photographers still feel is far too harsh and restrictive.

Friend of The Stone Roses, Tina Street commented that “without people like Ian Tilton a lot of band would not have got the coverage they got in the early days and would not have been on many a teenager’s wall, creating that buzz that is so important when starting out.

“Outrageous. One love? Yeah right.”

As calls for boycotting ring out across social network sites and forums we want to know what you think about non-musicians working and trying to build careers within music.

Are photographers, artists, designers and other talented creative specialists important collaborative figures in any scene, or should it be all about the music? 

Do non-musicians live off players or can they provide benefits and opportunities that musicians would otherwise struggle to take advantage of?

Let us know what you think in a comment below.

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  1. Peter Hulley says

    I’d like to see the Stone Roses handing over the rights to their music without any further reference or payments to them. Ludicrous…

  2. Stu says

    This is still nothing to do with the bands, it’s to do with the money making profit wanting management and record labels, trying to rescue and keep going their dying king-like career positions that don’t really have a place in todays fast changing world. What needs to happen is for the bands to SHOW they are on the photographers side as mutual artists in different fields and tell their record companies and management companies to stop being so controlling. Until this happens photographers should photographing shows with these contracts, show their annoyance in numbers. This however will only work if every photographer does it, at every gig where there is a contract like it. Then only photograph bands who don’t image grab and then they will be getting the image publicity and the other bands won’t, it will begin the change. But to stop every photograph is near impossible, it would need photographer picket lines outside the doors of the venue to stop other photographers entering, or to make them realise and feel shamed to photograph under this contract. It will never change by just writing on blogs and social networks, it needs to be seen at venues, like the miner strikes! Be there, show your face to the public, to the promoters/record execs/bands and their management.

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      tom rose

      Ah well, that is another band I shall never listen to again. Shame!

      8:38 a.m., Sunday Sept. 21

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