York and Lincoln Stores: Christopher Norton Workshops

York and Lincoln Stores: Christopher Norton Workshops

Banks Musicroom York – Saturday 15 February | Musicroom Lincoln – Tuesday 18 February

Christopher Norton is one of the world’s leading composers of educational and concert performance music.

This February in our York and Lincoln stores, Chris will be leading workshops designed to work with teachers, tutors and educators, in order to improve their understanding and to explore his series of books and sheet music.

Christopher Norton’s music is a fixture on all examination boards and festival programs with students using his work going on to achieve a high level of performance and motivation for their musical skill and talent.

The workshops will cover solos, duets and trios, and touch on contemporary styles, simple improvisation and performance practice.


York workshop time

11am – 2pm

Lincoln workshop times

11.00 -11.45am        12.00 – 12.45pm        1.00 – 1.45pm

Spaces are limited so please call or email the store so book your place in one of the workshops.

Lincoln | Call: 01522 537 141 – Email: lincoln@musicroom.com

York | Call: 01904 658 836 – Email: sales@banksmusic.co.uk


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