Francesco Cavalli
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Francesco Cavalli

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Francesco Cavalli: La Calisto (It-E) (Urtext)~ Study Score (Opera)
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La Calisto received its first performance in Venice in 1651 but only really achieved its breakthrough in the 20th century. It is one of Cavalli’s most frequently-performed operas today. The reason for this success may have been the late acknowledgement of its masterly dramatic and musical structure. The musical text is not presented in the usual small study score format, but in the vocal score format (19 x 27 cm). This results in an optimal and well-presented layout of the work. The study score is ideal for analysis as well as for rehearsing the vocal parts.

Francesco Cavalli: La Calisto (It-E) (Large Score Hardback) (Urtext)~ Score (Opera)
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La Calisto – one of Cavalli’s most frequently performed operas today – was premiered in Venice in 1651 but didn’t achieve its first real breakthrough until the 20th century.

Showing Results 1-2 of 2
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